www.bbchausa.com – Get Latest News Update From BBC Hausa News Website

www.bbchausa.com – Latest News From BBC Hausa News Website
BBC Hausa News Website is a website that enables you to access BBC Online News in Hausa language via http://www.bbc.co.uk/hausa/ from every corner of the world.
You can listen to podcasts and see videos, right on the BBC Hausa website. You can get access to this so called BBC Hausa website on a multiplicity of internet connected

www.BBChausa.comThe British broadcasting corporation BBC is an international news, analysis and information hub which has extended its service to include offering news in English and 32 other languages which includes Hausa language, BBC hausa is one language included into BBC’s language service.

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Before i proceed to show you how you can enjoy bbc news in hausa language via its www.bbchausa.com news portal, it would like to state the fact that BBC has been championing and giving unbiased news and for 42 years BBC has been broadcasting in some African languages namely BBC Hausa, BBC Somalia and BBC Swahili services

The Hausa Service was able to follow closely the constitutional and party political developments that led to the restoration of civilian rule in Nigeria in 1979 and its subsequent collapse in 1984.

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The aim of BBC Hausa.com (www bbc hausa com) facebook/news/radio/ labarai/ shafin farko/ service/ MP3/ Live/ audio/ sport/ online is to encourage unity amongst hausa speaking community via its website bbchausa.co.uk broadcast service.

The bbchausa online service can achieve this objective if we understand some bbc hausa language, at least, to some extent

BBC Hausa has a strong influence on society, built from unrivalled heritage in the region, especially Nigeria. The BBC Hausa Service is generally perceived to be a benefit to society in a number of ways:

  • It plays a role in educating the nations. This is particularly felt by the rural audience. BBC Hausa seems to have the capacity to set moral standards for this audience.
  • It provides reliable information to help people form their own views.
  • It provides a lifeline for rural communities that are not reached by other media.
  • It sets the political agenda by raising issues that are important to the population so that awareness is heightened and action may follow.
  • It drives better local media.

BBC Hausa Online

You can now get the latest Bbchausa (bbchausa.com) News from the bbchausa  website which offer BBC news in hausa language. the news covered on the www.bbchausa.com websites including sporting new stories and scores result from the U.K. and the world news


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