Airtel 4G Network: 4GB Data Plan Bonus, Coverage Area & Sim Upgrade

Airtel nigeria subscribers can now enjoy Airtel 4G LTE super fast network which is now available in major cities and location in nigeria and in the post i will show you how you can setup and enjoy Airtel 4G LTE services in nigeria
There was a sense of excitement when Mr. Segun Ogunsaya revealed that Airtel nigeria in partnership with Chinese multinational giant, ZTE has rolled out 4G services to its subscribers. Airtel 4G LTE Networkit is interesting to note that Airtel was the first network service provider to introduce the 4G network to the nigeria telecom market.

This is a new dawn for mobile internet in Nigeria. Airtel and ZTE’s collaboration to roll out 4G service plan in Nigeria will dramatically improve mobile internet experience for telecommunications consumers across the country.

Indeed, Airtel is committed to strengthening its position as a true pioneer of innovation in the Nigerian telecommunications domain. This is in line with our overall corporate vision of becoming the mobile Internet service provider of first choice for every Nigerian.

Reiterating on the new development, Mr. Zhang Ruigang, ZTE Regional Vice President, said Airtel is determined to offer its subscribers faster than before internet speed when browsing or their phones, tablets or computers.

Airtel 4G LTE Network Coverage Areas

Airtel 4G LTE network is now available in Ibadan, benin city lagos, abuja and asaba and some parts of ogun state

for android phone users it is very important to note that some of those old android phone my not have the 4G lte network broadband
To check if your current phone supports Airtel 4G connectivity, change your connection to 4G LTE and see if you get an internet connection, if a network comes up you need not swap or buy a new SIM card, however if it doesn’t, follow the steps below to make an upgrade.

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How to upgrade your SIM card to an Airtel 4G LTE Enabled One

Visit any nearest Airtel costumer service centre closest to you and request for a 4G SIM upgrade in the costumer care
You will be given a form to fill and your SIM card will be upgraded.

By default all new airtel sim cards you buy are  4G SIM card which means that you don’t want to upgrade the old SIM you have before. After upgrade, users acre credited with a 4GB free data which can only be used on the 4G network. You also get 25% data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 and above for the next 3 months.

Free Airtel 4G LTE 4GB and 25 percent Data Bonus.

For every new airtel 4G sim card you purchase you will get a fantastic data bonus after registration or sim swap, simply insert the sim card into any 4g enabled smartphone and set your preferred network to 4G LTE.

  • You will receive a message saying you have been credited with a 4G trial offer of Free 4GB, dial *141# to check.

The free 4GB data is valid for just 7 days.

In addition, you will get 25% data bonus when you purchase data plans of 500 Naira and above for the next 3 months. Bonus data is usable only on airtel 4G network.

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